Jaded or Imaginary Reality

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while since I have shared any thoughts with you but it’s never too late. I find the topic today “imaginary” ironic because I recently went through a personal experience that made me wonder if the situation was real or just imaginary or if my concept of what a relationship should be is jaded or fantasy never to come true.

When two people decide to go into a relationship and they connect on many levels whether through words, music, eyes, hands, interests or energy especially in a short space of time, why does the dynamic change? Why is it  so scary to see what comes next?

Why are we so adverse to embracing the unknown, taking a risk? I was one of those persons who was so fearful of stepping out and taking a risk or leaving myself open/vulnerable to the good or bad that may come my way but I have learned to be flexible and go with the flow so to speak. I still am cautious but more willing to see where things go. I don’t believe in living or restricting myself to a box. I guess my viewpoint may be imaginary or unrealistic for some. What do you think?

Life is for living and a life lesson learnt is that people will be people, I have no control over what another thinks or does but only my own reactions and actions. I give thanks that I am conscious to know that I am still a working progress open to challenges and new experiences. Also I am aware that “when one door closes another opens”.

Hit me up with your thoughts as we continue on this journey of life.woman-591576_640


Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

Hey my followers today was a day of reflection and introspection of both past and future experiences and expectations.

In these moments  I take the time out for myself and let my mind rip! I even went to look out at the sea (something I do not do as much as I would like to) and watched the waves crashing against the stones, ships passing far out in the distance, kids and people playing in the salty water with no care in the world and the crabs going about their business with no notion as to who or what kind of danger they might be in.

I cherish moments when I can kick back and just meditate on my blessings because I have had many despite all the ups and downs that came along.

I will say though that while I have closed another year and alive to see another one I am looking forward to what is to come. I believe it will be greater than before so yes I am anxious and optimistic yet patiently doing my part and keeping the faith.

What makes you enthusiastic?

Breakthrough 2017

Hi All, I feel compelled to share about my vision for the new year. In my 30+ years of existence I have never felt so anxious or hopeful or expectant for what’s to come in this NEW YEAR. I have a tingling feeling that a breakthrough is coming this year and I claim it!

I say :


Claiming for not just me but family too :



I think I have summed up my desires in more than a nutshell and as we journey through another year I invite you to grow with me and supply feedback. All the best for the new year and may you receive your breakthrough!




Daily Prompt: Mystical

I have not posted in a while but what a way to come back to talk about the term “MYSTICAL“. Well for me the term means something out of the ordinary or unknown or maybe even unimaginable. I think miracles fall into this category and boy do we need a lot of those just to get through life or even a day/hour/minute/situation.

Life at times tend to send a number of bowling balls right in my path so much so I wonder what the heck is going on? Why me? What did I do to deserve all this stuff happening?

However, though things may seem cloudy at the outset I try to hone in on the fact that everything happens for  a reason and this purpose may be beyond me to understand at the moment. Also I see the challenges as a test or “right of passage” so to speak knowing that once the lesson has been learnt I will be able to move on and experience other things like just the gentle lapping of the waves.

Daily Prompt: Vigor

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

I almost did not post anything because I have been a mix of emotions but realize this is the best way to shed my anxieties with VIGOR. I am a passionate person by nature who throws myself into any project but have become cautious in how deep or shallow I place myself in situations. Today was one of those many days when I persevered to get through my tasks with determination despite the distractions around.

In life, many things are thrown our way whether positive or negative or whether we want to experience the challenge or not but what do you do? Dig your heels in and be a bad ass and attack it (whatever the situation may be) with “vigor”, drive, determination to succeed and guess what – the path will look brighter.

Feeling better now I will leave you with these thoughts and invite you to approach life with “vigor”! Until next time…..

Daily Prompt: Liminal

via Daily Prompt: Liminal

It is true that you learn something new everyday. For instance the word “liminal” is new to me but it is a very appropriate term to describe the way I feel at the moment. I am on the brink of a breakthrough, I can feel it but at the same time nagging doubts try to creep in like what if it’s not gonna happen or should I really hold out hope of change or success?

Well I’m sure a lot can relate to the inner struggles one has with anticipating something to happen or doing something new. However, despite the anxiety I try to find my true source of inspiration and just focus on that and believe that all will fall into place. As I write I try to put this into practice and you know what, I feel calmer, more clearer an at peace with my thoughts. The mind is a powerful thing so direct it wisely.

Daily Prompt: Anticipation

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

I was just checking out a picture on Discover with a beach and what seemed like driftwood on the bare sand. The scene spoke to me as it looked so serene. The above picture works too though as one could get lost in that space.

Another place one can get lost in is writing. It is an outlet for me and similar to music, cooking, art and dance I can get swept away just expressing my thoughts and letting go. It’s an awesome and humbling feeling at the same time.

In relation to “anticipation”, I don’t get hyper excited about things regularly but may get anxious about something that is really important to me at times. The thrill of not knowing can be so torturous that it can leave my stomach empty but that’s when I try to turn up my faith and persevere through the tension. The thing is sometimes the outcome is positive while other times it’s disappointing but that’s life isn’t it?