Jaded or Imaginary Reality

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while since I have shared any thoughts with you but it’s never too late. I find the topic today “imaginary” ironic because I recently went through a personal experience that made me wonder if the situation was real or just imaginary or if my concept of what a relationship should be is jaded or fantasy never to come true.

When two people decide to go into a relationship and they connect on many levels whether through words, music, eyes, hands, interests or energy especially in a short space of time, why does the dynamic change? Why is it  so scary to see what comes next?

Why are we so adverse to embracing the unknown, taking a risk? I was one of those persons who was so fearful of stepping out and taking a risk or leaving myself open/vulnerable to the good or bad that may come my way but I have learned to be flexible and go with the flow so to speak. I still am cautious but more willing to see where things go. I don’t believe in living or restricting myself to a box. I guess my viewpoint may be imaginary or unrealistic for some. What do you think?

Life is for living and a life lesson learnt is that people will be people, I have no control over what another thinks or does but only my own reactions and actions. I give thanks that I am conscious to know that I am still a working progress open to challenges and new experiences. Also I am aware that “when one door closes another opens”.

Hit me up with your thoughts as we continue on this journey of life.woman-591576_640


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