Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

Hey my followers today was a day of reflection and introspection of both past and future experiences and expectations.

In these moments  I take the time out for myself and let my mind rip! I even went to look out at the sea (something I do not do as much as I would like to) and watched the waves crashing against the stones, ships passing far out in the distance, kids and people playing in the salty water with no care in the world and the crabs going about their business with no notion as to who or what kind of danger they might be in.

I cherish moments when I can kick back and just meditate on my blessings because I have had many despite all the ups and downs that came along.

I will say though that while I have closed another year and alive to see another one I am looking forward to what is to come. I believe it will be greater than before so yes I am anxious and optimistic yet patiently doing my part and keeping the faith.

What makes you enthusiastic?


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