Daily Prompt: Mystical

I have not posted in a while but what a way to come back to talk about the term “MYSTICAL“. Well for me the term means something out of the ordinary or unknown or maybe even unimaginable. I think miracles fall into this category and boy do we need a lot of those just to get through life or even a day/hour/minute/situation.

Life at times tend to send a number of bowling balls right in my path so much so I wonder what the heck is going on? Why me? What did I do to deserve all this stuff happening?

However, though things may seem cloudy at the outset I try to hone in on the fact that everything happens for  a reason and this purpose may be beyond me to understand at the moment. Also I see the challenges as a test or “right of passage” so to speak knowing that once the lesson has been learnt I will be able to move on and experience other things like just the gentle lapping of the waves.


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