Daily Prompt: Vigor

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

I almost did not post anything because I have been a mix of emotions but realize this is the best way to shed my anxieties with VIGOR. I am a passionate person by nature who throws myself into any project but have become cautious in how deep or shallow I place myself in situations. Today was one of those many days when I persevered to get through my tasks with determination despite the distractions around.

In life, many things are thrown our way whether positive or negative or whether we want to experience the challenge or not but what do you do? Dig your heels in and be a bad ass and attack it (whatever the situation may be) with “vigor”, drive, determination to succeed and guess what – the path will look brighter.

Feeling better now I will leave you with these thoughts and invite you to approach life with “vigor”! Until next time…..


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