Daily Prompt: Anticipation

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

I was just checking out a picture on Discover with a beach and what seemed like driftwood on the bare sand. The scene spoke to me as it looked so serene. The above picture works too though as one could get lost in that space.

Another place one can get lost in is writing. It is an outlet for me and similar to music, cooking, art and dance I can get swept away just expressing my thoughts and letting go. It’s an awesome and humbling feeling at the same time.

In relation to “anticipation”, I don’t get hyper excited about things regularly but may get anxious about something that is really important to me at times. The thrill of not knowing can be so torturous that it can leave my stomach empty but that’s when I try to turn up my faith and persevere through the tension. The thing is sometimes the outcome is positive while other times it’s disappointing but that’s life isn’t it?


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